Western Mass Writing Project

I am happy to be a part of the Western Massachusetts Writing Project (WMWP). As a part of the National Writing Project, WMWP is an amazing professional learning community of teachers from around the Pioneer Valley. I want to share a few things…

1. For those fellow educators out there, consider attending the annual “Best Practices” conference this October. I am facilitating a workshop on digital storytelling. FMI download the attached PDF

2. This summer I taught a digital storytelling class in Springfield. My wonderful co-teacher wrote an article about our experience that I would like to share…

 For the past several years, through a partnership with the Springfield Y, the Western Massachusetts Writing Project has been able to offer classes on digital story telling to campers enrolled at the Springfield Y summer camp. This year, for the first time ever, the class was offered to teen campers attending the North End Youth Center’s Teen camp. Over the course of the summer, teen campers from all over Springfield wrote stories, used digital video cameras and digital cameras to gather footage, and used editing software to create their own digital stories. Fellow Western Massachusetts Teacher Consultant Will Bangs and I met with the teen campers every Monday for 6 weeks. After viewing digital stories created by other area youth, the teen campers worked on writing their own stories. The group produced a wide variety of texts, including personal narrative, poetry, informational texts, and satire. After working on their stories, the writers began to storyboard their movies. This process helped them to consider what images, audio, and film footage were needed to tell their story. Once finished with storyboarding, the campers used digital cameras and video cameras to gather the footage needed. Finally, when all of the footage was gathered, the campers used Windows Movie Maker and iMovie to edit their footage and create their movies.

To read the rest of the article, check out the attached PDF. WMWP Fall 2012 Newsletter


The beginning of something great…

Hi folks,

I am writing my first post in a while. I am really excited for the new school year. I have had a wonderful summer and I hope you have too. During July and August I…

– Cycled 200 miles in the Pan Mass Challenge to raise money for cancer research

– Bought a house!!!

– Played concerts with my band

– Taught a writing course in Springfield

– Hung out with my awesome dogs

– Camped near Acadia National Park in Maine for the first time

As relaxing and fun as summer has been I am so pumped for the school year to get underway. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates on my blog as I start to add more stuff.


Mr. Bangs

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